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Ethereum Hard Fork Upgrade



The Promoters of the Diamonium System have now finalised an Agreement and entered into a founding Partnership that will unite the Diamonium Industrial Grade Blockchain system with a significantly larger commercial usability base of business traders than Bitcoin globally. A Public Media Release will be announced in November.


The Promoters of the Diamonium System have now finalised an Agreement and entered into a founding Partnership that will unite the Diamonium Industrial Grade Blockchain system with a significantly larger commercial usability base of business traders than Bitcoin globally. A Public Media Release will be announced in the new year.

Nigel Green, founder of financial firm deVere Group believes the crypto market cap could swell by as much as 5,000%, touching $20 trillion by 2028, but it won’t be Bitcoin leading the pack.

We believe “DIAMONIUM – GLOBAL MONEY 2.0″ may achieve this by 2023



No transactions are accepted from New York USA, the Peoples Republic of China including Hong Kong and other countries listed in the ITO Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, no transactions will be accepted from countries where the Diamonium Initial Token Offering is a contravention of the laws within their jurisdiction. Diamonium Tokens can only be acquired with other Tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum automatically. If you wish to acquire Diamonium with other tokens then email (a 2% transfer fee from market rates shall apply).

What is

DIAMONIUM is a Hard-Fork and Upgrade of Ethereum for Faster (1 sec) Transaction speeds and Global Scalability to outpace even VISA Card globally. Diamonium is focused on Account Holder Security and Govt Compliance

Other than Speed & Scalability, Diamonium is similar in concept to Ethereum with the exception it is a De-centralised Autonomous System (DAS), that is designed to propagate itself globally. Diamonium DAS and its AiRobot, rewards participants that develop, promote and use its System.


Note: Ripple has centralised systems that verify transactions and are not a true de-centralised crypto-currency. In all fairness, this goes against the nature and spirit of crypto-currency as recognised by the crypto community at large, whereby no-one entity controls the currency/ledger.

Benefits over Ethereum


The Industrial Grade, Super-Fast Technology, employed by Diamonium far surpasses Ethereum’s slow 4.49 minute Transaction Speed and furthermore, Diamonium has better Security and Privacy that the world expects from a smart contract crypto-currency.


Diamonium’s Industrial Grade Blockchain has the ability to scale globally to 100,000 transactions per second and with instant transactions speeds, Ethereum needs an upgrade at only 7 transactions per second. There is no other Blockchain Technology that is faster or more scalable than Diamonium.


Unique to Diamonium is also the green, low-power, transaction verification system that does not consume an estimated 27.28TWh of electricity per year, as is the case for Bitcoin today and Ethereum using the same power usage as the country of Lebanon, and for just 7 transactions per second.


The government compliance of Diamonium and it’s security systems against theft will attract the general populous, promoting wide adoption, safety and longevity of de-centralised crypto-currency on a global scale.

Technical Features

Artificial Intelligence replacing Human Governance

Ability to scale to 100,000 transactions/sec

One Second Transaction Speeds

Strong Security Against Theft

Rewards People that Develop, Promote and Use the System

Government Compliant to Ensure Longevity

Smart Contract Capability

Launch other Complimentary Assets on the Blockchain

Why Another Coin?

The dream promised in the early years of Bitcoin of being able to pay for just about anything using Bitcoin ATM’s and crypto-currency has not been fullfilled. The idea of de-centralised crypto-currency and digital transactions has not evolved yet…

Nearly a decade later, crypto-currency remains difficult, confusing and challenging for the average person to acquire or trade, much less try to sell products and services with it, and the principles that underlie Ethereum and BitCoin suffer significantly in areas of social responsibility, jurisdictional governance, security, scalability, and transaction bottleneck issues to name a few.

Diamonium and it’s founders are on a mission to overcome the limitations of crypto-currency, and to create an inexpensive digital crypto-currency that’s private, easy-to-use, and allows for quick transactions for the average person.

7 Reasons why we believe Diamonium will be the most usable crypto-currency for average people:

Diamonium is leveraging the best of existing technologies, and with more developers joining, there are plans to add new Mobile Architecture and Security Technology, with added real Privacy protections.

Diamonium’s architecture has resilience against theft, whilst complying with jurisdictional governance to ensure longevity. The Diamonium ultimate goal is to make de-centralised crypto-currency intuitive and as easy, as any other fiat payment system, with the vision where ATM’s are available in all major cities and usability, is the primary goal, making Diamonium …

The Most Useable Crypto-Currency for Average People”

Our Mission

The Mission of Diamonium is to establish for the general populous, the most useable smart contract crypto-currency globally, that complements and performs like fiat currency … by the 30th December 2020.

Furthermore, the Diamonium Mission is to establish Alliance Partnerships with Business and place ATM’s globally for easy liquidity from digital to printed currency.

Diamonium Usage Strategy

The main objective of Diamonium is to promote crypto-currency within one of the biggest markets in the world being for all things that are e-commerce and home & property related. Property, with a market size of over $200 Trillion (eclipsing both Money at $90.4 Trillion, and Gold at $7.7 trillion) is an exceptional market to pursue in establishing usage of Diamonium.

Diamonium is designed with global scope and scale, and is expected to become the most used crypto-currency for the average person to use, for all markets related to e-commerce, home and property.

As it’s first strategic alliance, Diamonium has partnered with aiProperty, a soon-to-be-global, Google-style property search engine, utilising Artificial Intelligence to provide consumers with the most comprehensive list of properties on one website. aiProperty’s Global Property Data Hub, powered by AIRIS (Artificial Intelligence Real-estate Identifier System) allows consumers to search for a property, from anywhere globally, through their proprietary technology developed over the last 5 years. aiProperty is looking to disrupt over 8000 outdated and expensive Property Portals globally and has commercial plans to penetrate the real estate sector and win market share. This is a great application and platform to increase the usage of Diamonium.

As it’s second strategic alliance Diamonium is also partnering with LiveBid, a new innovative LIVE PROPERTY AUCTION MOBILE PLATFORM, to be used for bidding on any property from your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world and with full biometric facial recognition security.

Aligning usage of the Diamonium system to commercially driven, home and property related businesses, like aiProperty, LiveBid and others are how we intend to use Diamonium for real-world application.

Diamonium is a true 3rd generation crypto-currency incorporating an industrial grade blockchain technology capable of huge scalability, and speed that far exceeds the capability of the current technology used by Ethereum and BitCoin. It is an ownerless, automated, globally distributed, peer-to-peer network that is both transparent and open sourced to all.

Cryptocurrency ATM Machines

REGISTER NOW to get one of our ATM Machines in your store and receive $1,000 in Diamonium. Diamonium‘s focus will be on establishing ATM’s in every city.

Diamonium will be supplying the first 10 ATMS in each country free-of-charge to the right merchants.

Register below to get your free Bitcoin-Diamonium, ATM opportunity or just get your $1,000.

Our Partners

aiProperty – Organising the world’s home and property related information on one website in an informative and useful format

aiProperty is a sophisticated global ai-system that will aggregate every property that is listed and give property seekers the ability to do a “Google-Style” search, city by city, region by region. One Global Property Portal at a fraction of the cost that the big portals charge, fueled with revolutionary Blockchain Technology. A World First.

  • Powerful search engine like Google, driven by keywords

    Access more property information and faster down to street level detail

  • Exclusive data feed from Global Property Data Hub

    No data entry required and no cost to Real Estate Agents or Vendors

  • Traffic directed back to local Real Estate Agent’s websites

    Adding significant value to local agent websites, by re-directing property seekers

  • Live Auctions available to bid online from anywhere with LiveBid

    Watch or bid on auctions online and on Mobile Apps

Bid at Property Auctions live from your Mobile APP. The Future of Property Auctions Is Here

Livebid is a real time live bidding platform where users can make offers and bid on different properties at auctions on the real estate market as they take place simultaneously from wherever their location.

It is the next logical step for the property market to grow by incorporating the technology and power of a mobile application.

Modern Technology and interactive power.

LiveBid offers a proven platform, a simplified process, and the information and tools needed for everyone to confidently buy and sell real estate online – whenever they want to and from wherever they are.

  • Australia’s Innovative online real estate auction platform
  • Real time auction’s live on your smart phone, anytime, anywhere
  • Enhanced ID Verification and Facial Biometrics
  • Monitor bids and offers others are making
  • Search for homes, negotiate prices and terms and manage offers
  • Get instant notifications

Meet the Diamonium Foundation Team

Stephen Stavroulakis

Stephen Stavroulakis

Online Marketing Guru
IT Director

Is a highly experienced Digital Marketing/IT Director/CEO who has worked at senior board level with many Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. He is very passionate about Blockchain technology, it’s application to real-world environments, security, and artificial intelligence. Stephen has been running a Digital Agency now for over 20 years and is responsible for the online Marketing of Diamonium, including Public Relations and Social Media.

Chris Poulos

Christopher Poulos

Chief Executive
Cyber Security

Christopher Poulos has over 20 years experience in the Cyber Security industry. He is responsible for driving strategic sales, marketing, pre-sales engineering and consulting services within the Asia Pacific Region and building industry relationships at the CxO level.

Christopher is a very connected business person and will strategically align Diamonium with Key people and the right Partners to promote the Currency over the next twelve months. Christopher is very passionate about Diamonium and will drive the crypto-currency to Market and listings on Exchanges.

Peter Kritas

Systems Architect

Peter is the founder of Diamonium and the AIRIS Ai Platform.  Peter studied Electronics Engineering specialising in IT and became an accomplished Software Developer focusing on accounting and communication systems in his early career. Peter known as the “IP” man is an innovative thinker. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business and is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society for his high academic achievements. Peter loves technology and lives and breathes ai, blockchains and cryptography, having designed the Architecture for the next big crypto-currency.

Emmanuel Stavroulakis

Cyber Security Expert
Server Architecture Manager

Emmanuel has over 30 years in the IT industry with the last 10 being solely dedicated to Cyber Security. He has a diverse range of experience across areas such as Virtualisation, Data Centre’s, Hosting, Networking and Storage, Amazon Web Services, Cyber Security,  Cryptocurrency and Blockchain architecture. Emmanuel is primarily responsible for driving technical innovation, architecture and building and mentoring the IT support and engineering teams.

Emmanuel adds a world of knowledge and security to Diamonium and will oversee the server infrastructure of the Diamonium Network.

Adriano Giovenco

Adriano Giovenco

Sales Director

Adriano is an Entrepeneur and a real estate Professional. Adriano will integrate Livebid and the property Blockchain and promote Diamonium to the Real estate industry in Australia and beyond over the next few years.

Adriano is professional crypto-currency investor and is very passionate about Diamonium and LiveBid working hand in hand to add value to the Real Estate Industry.

Chief Project Manager

Sagar has operated a research oriented web development firm with over 40 successful SaaS launched. Leads a team of 40 developers/designers working on Python, Ruby, PHP. NodeJS and others. Is the IT Project Leader behind the Diamonium BlockChain.

AI Developer

Andre is the AIRIS Framework Manager and an AI Lead developer for AIRIS working closely with Aidis to manage a team of Developers. He is responsible for the Artificial intelligence framework that houses what we call the Python Smarts and working on the Global Property Data Hub that will fuel the Property Blockchain that works off Diamonium.

Marketing Manager

Aidis is The AIRIS SMART Manager and an AI Lead developer for AIRIS working closely with Andre to manage a team of Developers. He is responsible for the Artificial intelligence written in what we call the Python Smarts and working on the Global Property Data Hub that will fuel the Property Blockchain.

Big Data Developer

One of the key Lead Developers of Diamonium Foundation, his knowledge and expertise includes Big Data, MongoDb, Elastic Search, C++, PHP, Ruby and other related technologies for SaaS platforms. He is also responsible for building Blockchain Tools, and API’s for Diamonium.

Country Leader

Leanne has been responsible for working on some award winning UK portals, overseeing the quality of the code, design and implementation. The key quality and assurance code administrator for Diamonium, Leanne is adept at many programming languages, and has developed and designed hundreds of websites for many clients as a partner to a Sydney based digital agency.

Diamonium Road-Map & Targets



The targets listed on this page are KPI’s set by the Diamonium Foundation and are subject to change without notice. They are only indicative of a perfect example of when technologists and other members will finalise their work. Please note that crypto-currency project slippage is a common ailment, particularly on “urgent” or “fast-paced” competitive projects where rapid development is paramount. Diamonium and crypto-currency projects, in general, are highly accelerated projects and ambitious due to their fast-paced nature. In all fairness, time slippage of three months would not be uncommon in these types of projects. However, the Diamonium team are using their best endeavours to meet these targets.


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